Video: EX Chat with GHD – Part 1


Welcome to our new series of videos, where we will be showcasing the incredible partners and clients we work with. Every chat will be different, based on the guests’ specialisations, industry and passions. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about these brilliant organisations, directly from their leaders!

Joining Evolved’s CEO, Garreth, is Global Talent Management Leader, Elliot Wood, from engineering and professional services firm GHD. In Part 1, they discuss some of the important issues facing HR managers today, the impacts of working from home on employee well-being, and the importance of having a constant pulse on your employees.


Watch Part 2 here.

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Picture of Garreth Chandler

Garreth Chandler

Garreth is the CEO of Evolved Thinking and Co-Founder of The Evolved Group. Garreth’s passions are technology, buyer behaviour and organisational theory.