Brand Research and Insights

Apply human insights to unlock the value of your brand

Brand insights is a specialised field - work with the experts

Brand insights are something we are passionate about.  Whether it is exploring your best position, testing your platform or creative, benchmarking with your competitors, or tracking your brand and advertising impact, our team has it covered.  We have proven experience working with agency partners to grow brands, using applied research.  

“This research will play a key role in all future communications, helping us build and measure effective marketing campaigns, ultimately helping our organisation grow.” 

Bridie Gildea, Chief Executive Officer, MEGT

Our brand research services

U & A
We run large scale category tracking projects to track market share, track brand KPIs and deliver strategic and competitor insights. No matter your budget we can help you, from small trackers on our weekly omnibus to dedicated and comprehensive market tracking studies.
Brand & Ad Tracking
We can design a custom brand tracker that goes beyond the traditional methods used by others. We take a fresh perspective, powered by new technology solutions that get you inside the hearts and minds of your category buyers.

Our team are experienced in working with a spectrum of concepts from just an idea to full storyboards or animatics. We use standardised qualitative and quantitative assessments to benchmark your concepts and provide objective advice on feasibility and opportunities to optimise.
Rebranding & Market Entry
Over the last decade we have supported major rebrands and brand revitalisation projects. Our approach is market based and uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to help you contemporise all aspects of your brand.

Why Evolved Thinking for your next brand research project?

  • Deeper insights
    We run large brand and advertising tracking studies across sectors. We don't just give you lines on a page. Our technologies unlock the 'what', the 'why' and the 'so what' giving clear direction on where to take action to improve brand health.
  • Innovation
    Our conversational AI technology is game-changing - we can give you a complete picture of all factors that shape your brand health. Beyond basic ratings of brand statements, we explore consumer minds and brand meaning.
  • Leading frameworks
    We apply proven frameworks including Conversion Analysis, Emotional Analytics, AIDA modelling and Ad Impact assessments with our partner Luma.
  • True expertise
    With over a decade of applied experience working with leading brands and their agencies, we have earned a track record of success.

“Positioning is finding the right parking space inside the consumer’s mind and going for it before someone else takes it.”
- Laura Busche