Evolved Analytics and AI

Modern insights practice is much more than surveys. Our Data Science team applies the absolute cutting edge in AI-powered analytics to find answers from your data.

Imagine working with data engineers who can make sense of your data and communicate what it means

Modern enterprises build their customer experience analytics through an array of technologies that capture, automate, process, distill data, find signals, and surface real-time insights that drive actions. Customer feedback is one input, a vital one, but only one.   

No matter where you are on the journey from creating a data lake, building a CDP, or developing marketing automation, we can help make direct customer feedback a critical feed into your data stack. Our team can also take on defined analytics projects that address specific business needs.


We work seamlessly across an array of analytics technologies and platforms - Salesforce, Adobe, GMA, Google Analytics 360, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Snowflake, PowerBI and Tableau, to name just a few.  Whatever your stack, we can integrate human feedback at scale with high levels of curation and data pre-processing.

Go beyond the obvious

A particular expertise of Evolved Data Science is text analytics applied to human data. This can be standard open-ended surveys, Conversational AI, transcripts, or ambient sources such as contact centre transcripts, complaints data, or social data. Our team has the tools to consolidate these varied types of data, find the insights and visualise the data in ways anyone can understand. 

  • Forecasting
    We can model your data to predict your performance glide path with applications for target setting, isolating cause and effect, and business planning.
  • Understand drivers of performance
    Understand drivers of the key performance indicators including satisfaction and loyalty. Provide data-driven direction on specific actions to improve KPIs tactically (e.g. weekly reporting) and strategically (e.g. regular strategic reviews across all elements of the customer relationship).
  • Link actions to customer impact
    Describe, define, quantify and track actions against identified improvement opportunities. Provide a system to track how actions drive improvements and roll up to commercial benefits.
  • Protect customer relationships
    Automatically identify and action at-risk relationships that need an escalated response from management and/or sales teams.
  • Market segmentation
    Modern segmentation methods are light years ahead of what traditional research companies offer. We can help you develop segments that actually make sense and allow product packaging and pricing tiering strategies.
  • Choice modelling & experimental design
    Optimise your product offer and rationalise your portfolio with applied choice modelling, conjoint and max-diff scaling methods.

Why choose Evolved Analytics?

Our people are experienced at solving real world problems by applying advanced technology. We know it’s the results that count.
We’ve worked on hundreds of projects including building our own products.  We know our territory when it comes to data and technology way beyond most research consulting companies.
Our people enjoy what they do and are focussed on delivery. We think you’ll enjoy working with us. Our team are people people who are also data people.
No problem is too big or small - whether it is getting more insights from your employee survey open feedback or finding hidden high-value customers, we can take it on and deliver outstanding results.

HI + AI. It's our unique combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.