Customer Experience and VOC

Bring the customer voice to life and understand performance across the entire customer journey. Become a truly customer-centric organisation.

Helping to connect the dots between what customers think, feel, say and do

Through a combination of research consulting expertise and Human Listening™ technology, we’ve developed award-winning customer experience programs. 

It’s brilliant customer experience programs by design, not one size fits all. The VOC programs we design, build and manage are specific to each client, industry-relevant, and highly integrated. 

"The Evolved Thinking expert retail consultants are not account managers, they are part of the Myer family, sitting alongside our team working together to deliver putting our customers first.“

Gary Stones, Head of Retail Operations, Myer

Develop deep customer insights

Bring the customer voice to life to drive strategic decision-making. Generate ROI by identifying and recovering at-risk relationships. Automate your CX program and speed up delivery of critical customer feedback to front of house, marketing, and product. 

  • Track performance
    Track key performance indicators for customers and all relevant measures for service delivery across the service delivery lifecycle.
  • Understand drivers of performance
    Understand drivers of the key performance indicators including satisfaction and loyalty. Provide data-driven direction on specific actions to improve KPIs tactically (e.g. weekly reporting) and strategically (e.g. regular strategic reviews across all elements of the customer relationship).
  • Link actions to customer impact
    Describe, define, quantify and track actions against identified improvement opportunities. Provide a system to track how actions drive improvements and roll up to commercial benefits.
  • Protect customer relationships
    Automate identification and response to at-risk relationships that need an escalated response from management and/or sales teams.

Why choose Evolved Thinking?

Connect through multiple channels aligned to your customer touch points - e.g. inbound calling, email, SMS, online, social.
Understand your customers with both structured and unstructured data to understand cause and effect.

Develop dashboards and share them throughout the organisation, controlling who has access to data and when.

Consolidated Feedback
See all your internal metrics in one place e.g. call centre data, financial data, or external sources such as social media metrics.

"Always begin with: 'So that I can better serve you, do you mind if I ask a few questions.' "
- Jodie Shaw