Category insights

Knowing where you play can show you how to play and how to win. Our team can help you explore your category and understand your market needs.

Not just market researchers, our consultants are industry experts

Whether you compete in financial services, retail, healthcare, education, technology, media, or consumer goods, we can help you build a complete picture of your category.  We have specialist teams that operate within these industries and can speak your language. This helps at every stage of the research journey from writing outstanding questionnaires to communicating what the research findings mean to your stakeholders and how it shapes their decisions.

The business questions we answer

We bring the customer voice to life and drive strategic decision-making.  We generate ROI by identifying and recovering at-risk relationships. We automate your CX program and speed up the delivery of critical customer feedback to front of house, marketing, and product. 

  • Who is our target market and buyer?
    Having clarity about your market fit and identifying where to focus can be the difference between success and failure. We can profile your audience, segment your market and develop buyer personas to guide your marketing success.
  • What is the consumer buying behaviour?
    Knowing your target market is the first step - but knowing WHY and HOW they buy is just as important. We can build a detailed picture of your category buyer to support every level of your funnel to drive leads, capture attention and convert to sales.
  • How do we increase share of wallet?
    Every relationship has value and increasing it requires a strong understanding of consumer needs. Whether it's grocery or financial services, we can explore service and repertoire choices to identify value-added opportunities that have an immediate impact on your bottom line.
  • How can we grow our market share?
    Capturing share of market share entails knowing where your gains will come from. This requires both insights into consumer buying behaviours and also competitor offers. Our team can help you with applied research to build a winning product repertoire and service design.

Why work with us on your category research?

Industry knowledge
Our teams have true category expertise and know how to apply it throughout the research process. This starts with taking your brief and our ability to see the bigger picture.

B2B Research Expertise
Evolved is a leading provider of B2B category research. We understand the nuances of how decisions are made, buying structures, multi-level markets and B2B marketing practice.

Getting the data is one thing, knowing how to interpret it and linking it to your strategic goals and market opportunities is another. This is where we really excel - going beyond the obvious to a more thoughtful and expert analysis.
Client Service Passion
We love working with our clients. We respect their knowledge and expertise. We know our ability to research their market is built around our ability to understand and interpret their needs.

"Smart brands don’t just ride trend shifts. They start them."
- Ann Handley