Ideation and Product Development

For over a decade, Evolved Thinking has helped our clients develop products that have strong market fit

Finding a product niche is challenging - launching a successful product to fill it requires considerable resources & focus

Our team have the depth of category knowledge and research skills to work with you to build an outstanding product pipeline and prepare to 'go to market' with confidence.  This process starts with application of qualitative and quantitative methods to explore consumer needs, frustrations and existing product fit against competitors.  We work through a systematic design process to explore for niches and develop and test your ideas.   We empirically assess the viability of product designs using experimental designs including choice modelling and conjoint modelling.  We present back outcomes in practical formats that your team can readily apply.   Our emphasis is on clarity.

“The Evolved Thinking Team are experienced, professional and experts at analysis. Through their research, Evolved produce valuable insights that enable our business to develop customer-centric business and marketing strategies.”

Sarah Scammell, Brand Manager, Britex Carpet Care

Go beyond the obvious

We know it isn't just about whether the idea has merit, it's about why.  Our team is relentless at digging into your market needs to find out the underlying dynamics that will shape the success of products and services that operate within it.   We can work through all stages of the NPD pipeline and apply proven frameworks to move from a large number of options to the right option.  We've been working in this space with a track record that spans more than a decade.  We have helped develop and bring products to market across technology, FMCG, financial services, leisure and many other industries.

  • Ideation
    From traditional depth interviews & focus groups to online bulletin boards, projective techniques, accompanied shops, & conversational AI powered qualitative at scale, we have the tools to help you find your next NPD opportunity.
  • Pipeline prioritisation
    There is such a thing as having too many good ideas. Bringing rationality to the process of deciding what to do and what not to do is critical to your financial success. Depending on the maturity of the concepts we use methods such as TURF, MaxDiff Scaling, betting markets and online communities to distil your many ideas to the winning idea(s).
  • Line extension
    Portfolio management is an art and requires constant appraisal, reinvention and development of adjacent opportunities. Whether your product is software, chocolate or a financial service, we can help you explore such opportunities and assess their commercial value.
  • Proposition optimisation
    You can have the best product in the world but if you don't have complete focus on what matters then it can miss out on the opportunity. We can help you develop identify which benefits are most important and then get the language right to drive outstanding market conversion.
  • Portfolio optimisation
    As every product manager knows, there is nothing more frustrating than having to spread yourself too thin. We can help you to rationalise your product portfolio focus by understanding consumer preferences and substitution scenarios in a 'what if' analysis.
  • Pricing and packaging
    Getting price and packaging right is critical to optimising your market share. We apply econometric principles to guide thinking about how to optimise your pricing tiers and product benefits to maximise profit.

Working with us - what to expect

Our people are experienced at solving real world problems by applying advanced technology. We know it’s the results that count.

We’ve worked on hundreds of projects including building our own products.  We know our territory when it comes to data and technology way beyond most research consulting companies.

Our people enjoy what they do and are focussed on delivery. We think you’ll enjoy working with us. Our team are people people who are also data people.

No problem is too big or small. Whether it's getting more insights from your employee survey open feedback or finding hidden high-value customers, we can take it on and deliver outstanding results.

"Great products do less, but better."
- Fabricio Teixeira