Employee Insights

Understand every employee experience. Develop insights that will guide your journey to employer of choice. Link your EX and CX metrics into a cohesive whole.

Engage employees like you never have before

Understand what motivates and impacts your people to improve engagement, reduce turnover and create a better employee experience. Our consultants work with you to create a unique workplace engagement program that delivers benefits across the full employee lifecycle.​ 

Our Conversational AI technology is game-changing because you actually understand how employees feel, why they feel that way and what will enable them.  It's workplace insights taken to a whole new level.

"The most valuable attributes of the program are the variety of feedback opportunities for employees, the quick turnaround of results, the ability to identify trends over time, and the opportunity to gain insights from direct feedback.”

Julie Byth, Chief Experience Officer, CPL

Key benefits

Constructive feedback
Distribute anonymised, constructive, easily-digestible feedback to managers across the organisation to make informed decisions.
Data-driven strategy
Develop strategies that increase employee retention and productivity. Understand what forms positive leadership, culture and engagement.
Early issue identification
Identify and rectify the causes of employee disengagement. Become aware of issues before they become detrimental to the business.
In-depth understanding
Understand your employees with breakdowns of both structured and unstructured information (e.g. text) to understand cause and effect.

Be a better place to work

  • Authentic employee voice
    Deeply connect with your employees through active listening in a way that is engaging and which people actually want to do.
  • Employee life-stage engagement
    Understand engagement drivers, from recruitment to exit, to increase happiness at work, decrease attrition and improve productivity.
  • Designed for teams like yours
    Designed for any organisation with 50+ employees who want to improve employee engagement and become a better place to work. The application includes specific tools for P&C and HR Managers.
  • Broader Integrations Available
    Seamlessly integrate with our Employee Experience and Community platforms for a complete organisational solution.

"I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I'm going to learn, I must do it by listening."
- Larry King