Strategic market research

Beyond the obvious - we help you find the way forward by searching for deeper answers. We approach your brief as a problem to solve and an opportunity to unlock new possibilities.

Human insights professionals with a head for business

Great market research starts with a commercial focus and that's what the Evolved Thinking consulting team prides itself on.  Ultimately, it comes back to driving growth, increasing retention, or acquiring new customers.  Whether you are running groups, depths, conducting a market survey, or running an online community - it really doesn't matter.  What's important is delivering fact-based insights that deliver the answers you need. 

Our highly trained team will take your brief, explore the best options, develop an actionable plan, then execute it flawlessly. We'll do it in a way that takes you on the journey and delivers a crisp, insightful, and sustainable report. In most cases, we workshop findings with your team to ensure that they stick.

“The team at Evolved consistently go above and beyond our expectations by delivering high quality insights that help us to improve our CX initiatives.” 

Laurie Hibbs, GM Relationship Operations, Judo Bank

Applied market research methods to answer your business critical questions

We are a full-service research agency with over a decade of applied experience and demonstrated success. We have conducted hundreds of projects with leading companies that have answered their most pressing questions.

We will always start your project by listening. This translates to a reasoned response, a detailed project design, and an analysis plan. Our strategic research skills span traditional qualitative techniques and survey design to the application of cutting-edge AI-powered technologies. Ultimately, we provide communication of insights for your project that will hit each and every objective you set.

  • Qualitative Methods
    We apply the full array of traditional and new methods including In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Online Communities, Bulletin Boards, Ethnographic and Observational research.
  • Quantitative Methods
    Our consulting team is particularly known for our quantitative skills - running both strategic ad hoc projects and managing and delivering insights from large tracking projects. Depending on the audience, this includes online panel-based studies, telephone surveys and integrated channels (e.g. in moment product feedback).
  • Online Communities
    The Evolved Communities team is an independent group of specialists who can set up and manage your community as part of the broader research program.
  • Desk Research
    We often recommend that strategic research projects commence with rigorous desk research and analysis of secondary sources to frame the response.

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