Evolved Online Communities

Allow your customers to become part of your brand through your own community. Redefine how your business engages with customers.

Facilitating continuous dialogue with your customers

Imagine talking to thousands of your customers at a moment's notice. Now imagine them answering with how they think, act and feel about what you asked.

This is Evolved Communities. It's an online hub to actively engage with consumers and gain an immersive understanding of their hearts and minds. Evolved Communities is at the cutting edge of research technology innovation, facilitating continuous dialogue with your customers at vast scale.

How is Evolved Thinking used?

Customers across a number of industries have engaged Evolved Thinking to better understand their audience. Explore a few of our most popular case studies.

Why an Evolved Community?

Gain insight into your audiences' needs, attitudes and behaviours
Reduced costs for go-to-market testing, pricing, products and concepts
Market Trends
Identify emerging market themes via usage & attitude studies
Discover the motivations that drive shopper acquisition and retention

Facilitating continuous dialogue with your customers, in new & engaging ways

Evolved Communities are designed for brands that want meaningful and authentic feedback from people. It can be your key resource to drive better experiences, develop products and test ideas.

  • Engage
    Enable meaningful engagement with your customers and increase their feeling of participation and co-creation with your brand.
  • Real-time
    Get real time answers to your stakeholders’ questions that might otherwise take weeks to turnaround.
  • Iteratively test
    Test and optimise ideas for new products, concepts and communications.
  • Recruit
    Recruit your customers for qualitative projects cost-effectively.

"As you've noticed, people don't want to be sold. What people do want is news and information about the things they care about."
- Larry Weber