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Our expert consultants go above and beyond to empower you in your CSR and Sustainability journey

The right team for the right questions

Evolved Thinking employs consultants with expertise in market research backed by advanced technology. Our consultant teams are made up of members with a rich variety of different backgrounds, experience and abilities. We use the right tools for the tasks presented to us.

  • qualitative methods such as interviews, focus groups, online communities and ethnographic research
  • quantitative methods such as online panel studies, telephone surveys and moment product feedback
  • ideation methods where we help you work out pricing, line extension and various optimisation techniques
  • conversational AI and bespoke surveys to determine the views of your target audience

Working through Challenges

Evolving markets
Our teams stay up to date with regards to the ever shifting markets of the world. With clients across all key sectors of the economy, we are ready to advise you with modern solutions to your needs.
Accessing customers
It can be hard to find and access customers and their thoughts. With Evolved Thinking, our conversational AI and insights technology give you the information you need.
Data analysis
Our consultants take pride in the way they analyse and present their data. Using empirical methods to quantify the information gathered through bespoke programs and surveys.

Coles’ partnership with Evolved Thinking includes numerous collaborations, including projects exploring how Coles can best communicate its sustainability practices to customers and to understand how sustainability influences the choices consumers make in their preferred supermarket brand. 

Evolved Thinking provides a smooth and streamlined service with experienced professionals ready to adjust to your needs. Our teams have been exposed to all facets of market research and are ready to tackle any challenge.
While always striving for high professional standards, Evolved Thinking also maintains a high degree of corporate social responsibility. Our diverse teams create a broad base upon which our sense of social responsibility has been built on
Evolved Thinking is dedicated to creating novel marketing research strategies for every client. Our experienced teams use conversational AI and advanced research technology to ensure we identify and optimise every growth avenue available
Our work with leading brands all over the world has instilled a passion for collaboration and innovation across both the local and international stage. We strive to stay in touch with the communities and markets that our clients are a part of.

“Work Shouldn’t Hurt is an annual, quantitative, tracking program for Work Health and Safety (WHS)/ Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), conducted by the ACTU Centre for Work Health and Safety and the ACTU Insights Team. Evolved worked closely with the ACTU to establish the survey and insights delivery programs on an annual basis. The data and insights give the ACTU important annual data, with the ultimate aim of increasing health and safety protections for all Australian workers.”

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