NFP Service

At Evolved Thinking social responsibility drives our thoughts and our desire to create positive social change through research insights.

Our Not-for-Profit projects

 Our internationally sought after consulting teams are passionate about employing their research and insights expertise to assist not-for-profit organizations in achieving their organizational goals through select pro-bono research projects. These projects are an important aspect of our Evolved Thinking identity, representing our understanding and passion for the role insights can play in relevant social issues.

Evolved Thinking strives to use our expertise to collaborate with NFPs to assist in their growth and impact

Not-For-Profit Work

Why is it important?

The not-for-profit work that companies do for various causes can make all the difference for social responsibility movements. Corporate social responsibility is all about using the expertise and platform of your established company for the benefit of society.

Why we work with NFPs

To give back
It takes years of support to create a thriving organization. Our NFP projects are a way for us to share our growth journey and give back to critical organisations with embedded social causes
To stay connected
Not-for-profit work is a vital part of how Evolved Thinking stays connected to our community. It allows us to give back while also connecting with new and exciting groups.
To keep learning
Corporate social responsibility and the NFP sector is an ever-changing arena. Our NFP projects help us continue in our thought leadership and to maintain our understanding of critical global issues

”Working with Evolved Research has been transformational for Australians Investing In Women. The team at Evolved demonstrate an exceptional ability to listen, and understand what information is needed and to present the data and insights in a highly digestible and actionable way." 

-Julie Reilly OAM, Chief Executive Officer

Encountering obstacles and moving past them..

Research fidelity
The first step in research is knowing what questions to ask. At Evolved Thinking, we collaborate closely with our clients to determine not only the right questions, but also the optimal audience to address them to. Getting answers from the right people gives the highest confidence when developing projects and strategies. At Evolved thinking we use a variety of methods for data collection as well as a conversational AI that allows for large scale qualitative insights.
Securing funding
Funding an NFP project is often a difficult process. Ensure to look into the past gifting practices of an organization or foundation before enquiring with the person in charge of policies regarding gifting and donations. Evolved Thinking has a range of services to assist with the securing of funding.
Empirical evaluation
Evolved Thinking provides an empirical grounding to validate or disprove the hypotheses you may have around your brand perceptions, community needs, employee wellbeing, or organisational strategy through bespoke programs dedicated to specific business needs.
Meeting the communities needs
Evolved Thinking employs advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyse the needs and desires of the communities that your organisation serves. This creates a foundation for insights-reporting that is aligned to real stakeholder needs