Applying a gender-wise lens to philanthropy

Case Study
Australian's Investing in Women (AIIW) x Evolved Thinking

‘Working with Evolved Research has been transformational for Australians Investing In Women. The team at Evolved demonstrate an exceptional ability to listen, and understand what information is needed and to present the data and insights in a highly digestible and actionable way."

- Julie Reilly OAM, Chief Executive Officer



  • About
    Australians Investing in Women (AIIW) is a leading not-for-profit organisation that advocates for Gender-wise philanthropy.AIIW encourages all Australians – particularly philanthropic, corporate, and community leaders – to apply a gender lens to their giving and increase investment in women and girls, to help create a fairer and more inclusive society. AIIW works with Australians, including philanthropic, corporate and community leaders, to embed gender-wise practices in their giving programs, and connects funders to projects that benefit women and girls across a range of social issues, locally and internationally.
  • Objective
    This is the only survey of its kind in Australia, and it is the benchmark for our sector, not-for-profits and policy-makers in Governments, to understand philanthropic investment in women and girls. The project was designed to gain insight into how decision-making about corporate giving programs is affected by gender and attitudes towards assessing the impact of these programs from a gender perspective. It also sought to identify any barriers to taking into account and reporting on the gender balance of corporate giving, as well as to establish the percentage of philanthropic funding going towards women and girls.
  • Methodology
    The 2022 State of Gender-Wise Giving Survey was targeted top corporate and philanthropic donor organisations in the country, as identified by the Australian Financial Review and supplemented by peer organisations known to AIIW. Surveys were completed online between September 2021 and March 2022. The total sample size n=57, comprising 12 corporates and 45 philanthropic organisations.
  • Impact
    Evolved produced a detailed report outlining Gender awareness in giving, giving targeted to women and girls, the application of gender in corporate decision making, and the awareness/impact of AIIW. The survey respondents collectively controlled more than half a billion dollars of investment during the survey year. The corporate organisations surveyed gave over $100 million in cash donations, in kind products and services, and workplace giving programs. The Philanthropic organisations surveyed said they had given $456 million, with over 80% of that amount given in grants.
  • Report
    This report can be read here:

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