Improving customer loyalty through strategic research

Case Study
Judo Bank x Evolved Thinking

“The team at Evolved Thinking consistently go above and beyond our expectations by delivering high quality insights that help us to improve our CX initiatives... facilitating faster business decisions and reinforcing our ideas about our brand.” 

Laurie Hibbs, GM Relationship Operations, Judo Bank



  • About
    Judo Bank is an Australian bank purposefully built for businesses to get the funding they need and the service they deserve.
  • Objective
    Judo Bank recognised that knowledge and understanding of its growing customer base was critical to its continued success. It needed foundational insights that would inform product, service and marketing strategy in the years ahead.
  • Strategy
    The Evolved Thinking team worked closely with Judo Bank to understand its business model and explore how it delivered customer experiences. We designed and executed a strategic market research project to assess the role of its customers’ business goals and product / service experiences on future intent. Particularly important to the project was our application of Conversational AI to gain deeper insights.
  • Results
    The program of work with Evolved helped Judo Bank quantify the loyalty of its customer base, discovering the exact portion of customers who would recommend them. We determined the underlying needs of customers and how they influence future intentions. Important insights emerged from this research that have informed how Judo Bank thinks about different types of customer relationships, allowing it to further enhance customer needs. We are now tracking Judo Bank CX continuously to increase engagement and improve loyalty.

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