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Case Study
Britex x Evolved Thinking

“The Evolved Team are experienced, professional and experts at analysis. Through their research, Evolved produce valuable insights that enable our business to develop customer-centric business and marketing strategies.”

Sarah Scammell, Brand Manager, Britex Carpet Care



  • About
    Britex is an Australian-owned carpet cleaning company, providing households with affordable DIY carpet cleaning solutions and equipment hire for over 30 years. A market leader in the carpet cleaner hire market, Britex carpet machines deliver professional grade results for a fraction of the cost and are Australia’s leading choice for ‘Do-It-Yourself’ carpet cleaning solutions.
  • Objective
    Britex is positioned uniquely in the market as a do-it-yourself cleaning solution. As such, it must ensure ease-of-use with all products and communications. With new products and improvements launched regularly, Britex needed a partner that could measure the usability of its products, ultimately improving the customer experience.
  • Strategy
    Britex enlisted the help of The Evolved Thinking team to facilitate product testing and gather feedback on pricing and marketing materials. In order to understand the experiences of its customers, in-person product testing was conducted. Feedback was collected on everything from the product, to the price, and even the clarity of the instruction manual.
  • Results
    Our expert consultants uncovered valuable insights contributing to improvements in product features, pricing, marketing and customer satisfaction. Receiving regular insights directly from users has helped Britex understand the needs of its customers, ultimately leading to a better brand/product experience and higher satisfaction.

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