Enhancing the customer experience

Case Study
Quintessential Equity x Evolved Thinking

“Evolved's ability to take the results and communicate the insights into simple, clear deliverables is outstanding and has resulted in a clear action plan within the business.”

Jen Dickson, GM Marketing, Quintessential Equity



  • About
    Quintessential Equity is a private equity business specialising in property regeneration and development. It’s driven by its commitment to provide an exceptional experience to its investors, tenants and Ecosystem partners.
  • Objective
    To continue delivery of industry-leading returns for investors and positive experiences for its tenants, Quintessential Equity needed to continue to engage meaningfully with its stakeholders. It understood that enhancing and monitoring customer experience was critical to deliver on its brand promise – we strive to provide an exceptional experience.
  • Strategy
    Quintessential Equity partnered with Evolved to gain a true understanding of the needs of its investors and tenants. We developed a program to gain feedback from investors about Quintessential Equity’s financial performance, the Investor Relations team and its communication with them. Tenants were similarly engaged to provide feedback on topics related to the property, relationship with the Property Manager and Quintessential as a landlord.
  • Results
    The research identified areas Quintessential Equity was thriving, and uncovered opportunities to deliver an even better experience across both stakeholder groups. Quintessential Equity has the data driven insights it needs to continue to deliver and exceed its business objectives.

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