The CX Principles that can guarantee a successful program – Part 1

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There has been increasing focus on customer experience as a critical element of corporate success. Customer Experience as a discrete aspect of corporate capability, now sits alongside other corporate strategy domains such as operations, finance, marketing and Human Resources.

At Evolved Thinking, we like to think about Customer Experience is the glue that binds all these areas together when it matters for customers. It is the delivery of ‘brand promise’.

When we build a corporate CX Program, we start with our CX Principles. These principles have been developed from 8 years of work with clients across financial services, telecommunications, retail, education and media. They provide for us a clear set of goals and supporting values. If we build a program that lives these values and delivers on these goals, we are absolutely certain the program will be successful and drive positive outcomes for our client and for its customers.

Critically, these principles are aligned around stakeholders – internal and external. We structured them in this way because customer experience is about connecting, engaging and motivating people around shared benefits.

Over the rest of the year, I will be talking about these principles, bring them to life with case studies and discussing how to ensure each can be achieved.

Employees & Customers

  • Believe in its value.
  • Are responded to when in need.
  • Can easily give feedback.
  • Are asked relevant questions.
  • Feel their time is respected.

Program Owners

  • Get good advice and push back where needed from us.
  • Feel their issues are brought to life by us.
  • Truly own their program and feel supported.
  • Report to the business at the cadence the business can support.
  • Align customer insights with organisational knowledge.


  • Can get insights fast and cost effectively, always at hand on the desktop in a way they can easily understand.
  • Are engaged early and whenever needed in choices on program design.
  • Feel their expertise is respected.


  • Believe in the program.
  • Support it 100%.
  • Get told the truth as it is.

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Garreth Chandler

Garreth is the CEO of Evolved Thinking and Co-Founder of The Evolved Group. Garreth’s passions are technology, buyer behaviour and organisational theory.