The Work Report- (October 2023)

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Work is how many of us spend most of our waking hours. Do we work because we have to or because we enjoy it?

The Work Report is our first complimentary report about Work.

In this report, Evolved Thinking explores the issue of work life balance and what creates engagement and contentment.

The report is based on data collected through the Evolved Omnibus, a nationally representative tracking study that collects surveys from the Pureprofile panel. The surveys are conducted throughout the year and cover a range of demographic groups.

In this first edition we explore the drivers of workplace engagement and consider the importance of work life balance.

Project Objectives

  1. Explorer how Australian feel about work

2.​ Provide critical benchmark information from which to compare your workplace to Australian norms

  1. Provide insights into how experiences vary across key demographic groups.

  2. Build a baseline from which to track changes over time.

Beyond benchmarking, we have identified some ‘truths’ from engaging with over 3,000 Australian employees. We have identified what it is that makes for happy, healthy and engaged employees. ​We know from other research that such employees are more likely to provide discretionary effort, less likely to leave and are more likely to take sick leave. In other words, they become a powerful force in your organisational success.​

Using our Smile Badge (what we call morphic differential scaling) we dive into four elements pivotal to understanding how Australians rate their work:

 Key Findings

  • Work is a key factor in how we feel generally about our lives but a third of Australians would NOT recommend their workplace to others. The key to workplace enjoyment is work life balance, along with empowerment and relationships with colleagues.
  • Workers that get an opportunity to express their creative selves and those that have a strong focus on personal interactions are happiest, and those that have a strong focus on technical or administrative tasks are the least happy.
  • People most engaged with work are employed in small companies and are in senior leadership roles. The latter is true even when we control the company size.

One of the key metrics used in the report is Workplace eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), which provides a standard measure of workplace engagement. This metric is used to benchmark performance and identify areas for improvement. 

The report reveals that many Australians are unhappy and disengaged at work, highlighting the need for employers to focus on addressing these issues. It emphasises the impact of workplace experiences on overall well-being and happiness.

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Thge work report


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